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Hello and welcome to Montante Ragdolls and Sphynx. We are registered breeders with the Governing Council Of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). You can find the link to the GCCF website above.

Here is some background information about the wonderful Ragdoll breed to get you started. Please visit our Sphynx page for an insight into this very special breed.

The ancestor of all Ragdolls is Josephine, a half-wilde, white, longhaired street cat, which lived in the neighborhood of Ann Baker, Riverside, California. Josephine was involved in an accident which caused her to become physically limp. Josephine survived the accident and went on to have a healthy litter of kittens. Ann noticed that the litter were much calmer and more amenable than any other litter she'd had before. This is just one of the many theories which attempts to explain the reason for the Ragdoll's phenomenal temperament. However, not one theory has yet been proven.


Ragdolls live up to their name in their characteristics, they have a unique tendency in that they relax their muscles as soon as you pick them up, they go limp in your arms. Ragdolls are friendly, gentle, very cuddly, and are the purrfect family pet.

It has been said that Ragdolls are very "dog like" in temperament as they are devoted to their owners and will follow them around the house.

Because of their friendly nature, Ragdolls should never be allowed to go outside without supervision. They will approach any stranger as a new friend and will likely be stolen. Their friendly character means that they socialise well with children and other animals.


Seal - The points are deep seal brown, the body is fawn/cream looking in colour. The ruff and bib are lighter/white. The nose and paw pads are dark brown.

Blue - The points are slate blue, the body is lighter in colour. The ruff and bib are lighter than the rest of the body. The nose and paw pads are slate blue.

Red - The points are a red/ginger in colour, the body is cream with a slight touch of red. Colourpoints show a pink nose, which can be freckled, paw pads are pink.

Cream - The points are pale cream in colour, the body is even paler, and the nose and paw pads are pink

Chocolate - A warm milk-chocolate colour for the points. Bodycolor goes from ivory to a lighter shade of the point colour. The nose and paw pads show the same warm brown colour as in the Colourpoint variety.

Lilac - The points range from a pinkish-gray to a pinkish-beige. The body has a warm magnolia colour. The Colourpoint has a lavender coloured nose and paw pads.

Standard Patterns

Colourpoint -

The mask, ears, legs, paws and tail are the points of the cat and are furnished in one of the colours discussed above. The body is a lighter shade than the points to provide a lovely contrast between the colours. The ruff and bib are practically white. Nose and paw pads have different colors in each variety.


In this pattern the mask, ears, legs and the tail are colored in one of the colours discussed above. Again, the body is lighter than the points. The chin, ruff and bib are white in colour and the feet are furnished in lovely white mittens with white boots on the back legs.

Bi Colour

In this pattern the ears, mask and tail are coloured in one of the colours discussed above. The mask shows an inverted white "V". The underbelly and legs are completely white. The body is a shade lighter than the point colour and shows white and colored patches. Nose and paw pads are pink.