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Montante Ragdoll Cats and Kittens are DNA tested for the known HCM gene as well as PKD)

Ragdolls are large, plush coated cats with striking, gem-like blue eyes. Blessed with a gentle nature, non-matting fur and a non-fighting disposition, these beautiful cats have a lot to offer any loving home.

Officially registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, (or the GCCF for short - the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club), our cats and their offspring have gone on to have very successful show careers all over the country.

We are proud of our excellent reputation as breeders however, we not only consider ourselves to be Ragdoll cat breeders but fans of these wonderfully attractive and friendly cats. We rear our Ragdolls in a calm family environment, they are very well socialised and are therefore very sociable cats.

When a kitten leaves our home they do not leave our thoughts and in some cases, our lives. Very often clients will continue to inform us of the cats progress with photos and their own stories of show success and we are always on-hand to deliver help and advice.

Montante Ragdoll kittens are GCCF registered and come with four weeks free insurance, a Royal Canin Kitten pack which includes kitten food, toys and kitten advice, 4 generation pedigree and a lifetime of advice.


Congratulations to Montante Jubilee for achieving
Best Semi-long Haired Kitten in Show at
The North of Britain Show on 08.12.2012.

Congratulations to Grand Champion Montante Tanzania for achieving
Best Adult in Show
at The British Ragdoll Cat Show on 05.01.2013.

Congratulations to Montante Jubilee for achieving
Best Bi Colour Kitten in Show
at The British Ragdoll Cat Show on 05.01.2013.


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